About us

 The Department was organized and chartered in 1947 by a small group of dedicated citizens who saw a great need for fire protection in Sperryville and surrounding area’s. These included the areas to the Madison and Culpeper county lines. Up to that point there was only one Fire company in the county. Sperryville’s members went out and searched for their first apparatus which was a surplus army open cab 1938 USA fire truck they bought from the government. These trucks were built in Baltimore City at Camp Holibird up to World War II. The truck carried 150 gallons of water and  had 750 GPM pump and are quite rare today.

 Over the next 20 years the members provided fire service to the area with different used apparatus that they had acquired from other departments. But in 1957 they where able to purchase the departments first new apparatus which was a 1957 FWD All Wheel Drive which proved very beneficial for the hilly and steep terrain and hard winters in the county. This truck would serve the volunteers very well for 5 years before it was destroyed in a auto accident.

  The department would replace the wrecked truck with a new 1962 Ford American LaFrance that a dealer had in stock but the truck wasn’t  4wheel drive and it would be 8 years before the department would have another 4 wheel drive. The members voted to purchase a new 1970 Dodge 1 ton Power Wagon 4 wheel drive mini pumper. This truck has served us well in performing many dual roles over the years and in still currently in service. It was refurbished in the mid 1980’s and will serve us as long as parts are available.


 In 2000 we started planning for replacement for some of our other aging apparatus and downsizing of our equipment needs. Two front line trucks had over 100,000 miles and Brush truck over 30 years old. We starting applying for federal grants and where turned down for Fire Acts grant 3 years in a row. But in 2004 we where able to secure a federal grant for $225,000 for a new pumper tanker to replace two of our aging trucks. We wrote our specifications for a truck that would do the duty of two and it was a all wheel drive pumper to truly service the needs of our community and surrounding area’s

 It took the department almost 50 years to purchase a mutli –use all-wheel drive pumper tanker that was built to our  design specifications for our community. Unfortunate it’s cost was $408,000 unequipped. We secured a low interest loan from FHA for $200,000. This allowed us the purchase and equip the truck for service to the community. The truck was placed in-service in January of 2006 and we feel it will serve the community for many years to come. Please come by the Station anytime look at the equipment. We need all kinds of volunteers not just firefighters, we need administration and fundraiser help. If you feel you have some time to volunteer please contact a member for an application.



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